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The WorkFaith Connection provides people in transition a new job and a new life, with Christ’s help. Many are coming from  homelessness, prison, addiction or chronic unemployment.  All that we require is that they are clean and sober, and willing to learn and ready to work. 

The WorkFaith Connection, as its name suggests, focuses on the intersection of faith and doing excellent work.  We believe that work is a gift from God, an opportunity to cooperate with him in ordering his creation, utilizing the talents and energy he has given each of us.  We also believe that good character and good work go hand in hand, and we prepare people to do whatever they do with honesty,reliability and  attention to detail.


If people have made mistakes in their past, we teach them to tell the truth when they apply for a job, admitting what they have done.  But we teach them to go on say that they have made a commitment to a new life and are determined to overcome their past.  So far, more than 1500 employers in Houston have been willing to hire our graduates, and 73% of our graduates are productively employed today.

However, getting a job isn’t the most difficult thing -- keeping it is much harder.  We work with our graduates to instill in them the necessary fortitude and persistence to stay on the job. The first goal is one job for one year.  After that, advancement is the next goal. 

We are seeing the fruit of our work in the lives of our graduates.  Children who were taken away by Child Protective Services are being returned to their mothers.  Fathers are paying child support for children they had abandoned.  Our graduates are leaving public assistance.  Parole officers are saying goodbye to former prisoners who are now free for good, and leading a productive life.

The WorkFaith Connection is about so much more than getting a job.  It’s about a whole new life. 

Barbara Elliott is the Founder of the WorkFaith Connection. Sandy Schultz (top photo left, giving a trademark hug) is the President and CEO and David Meadows (second photo above) was the founding Director of Training. Stan Marek was Chairman of the Board (left photo, second from left) until 2014, when he was succeeded by Russell Ginn.  Scott Wesley is the first graduate we hired straight out of prison (see before and after pictures to the left).  He proved to be an extremely valuable employee because he understood where the students are coming from, and his success in overcoming his past has been an inspiration to them.

We were honored to have Rev. Kirbyjon Caldwell (lower left) as the keynote speaker at the first Annual Breakfast, where he gave an inspiring endorsement of our work, for which we are most grateful.

For a video on the WorkFaith Connection, including interviews  with our graduates, click above top left or go to

The WorkFaith Connection now has two locations in Houston, with satellite offices in the works.

10120 Northwest Freeway (at Dacoma) Suite 200 Houston, TX 77092  713 984 9611

5100 Travis St. (near Main)  Houston, TX 77002      281 833 3435

For information on how to apply, volunteer opportunities, and much more, go to


WorkFaith Connection

World Magazine gave the WorkFaith Connection the 2012 Award for Effective Compassion.

The Manhattan Institute gave the 2011 Social Entrepreneurship Award to Barbara J. Elliott and Sandy Schultz for the WorkFaith Connection.